Silk Damask

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Showing all 9 results

Silk Damask fabric was brought to Western Europe by crusader’s returning from the Holy Land. This new silk was called Damask weave for Damascus Syria, the city it was believed to originate it.   This tone on tone fabric is created using a combination of satin and plain weaves to create images in the Silk.

While single color Damask is still popular, Damask can also be created using two different colors.  Two tone Damask is created using one color for the plain weave and one for the satin.  It is not currently known when two tone Damask was first introduced.

Whether single or two toned, the signature hallmark of a true Damask fabric is it’s complete reversibility. If you can’t tell which side is the main and you could easily use either as the front, then you have a true Damask.

The original luxury good is available at Damask Raven in a variety of patterns and colors.  With artistic nods to history from the Middle Ages through the Roaring ’20’s, Byzantium to Victorian England,  15.5/16MM Silk Damask has  a lovely soft hand and elegant drape. Use Silk Damask fabric from Damask Raven and create History in Style.