The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman, an entrepreneurial love story

I have no problem reviewing books, but have typically steered clear of reviewing movies.  This is due largely to there are enough blogs out there that review and critique the film industry.  Why should my opinion count in this most selective of fields?  And I mostly want to keep the focus of Damask Raven on silk and sewing.  Yet I find I am unable to stop thinking about The Greatest Showman. I was a little ambivalent about this movie owing to some early conceptions about PT Barnum.  Then I read a review from an unexpected area,  This made me

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A brief review for knits

I will readily admit that sewing knit fabrics is not my strongest skill set.  I understand some fundamentals, I understand the zig zag stitch versus straight stitch.  I know that knits are typically serged when not sewn with zig zag stitch on a standard machine.  I do know that any fiber can be knit, including silk.  And that taps me out. So before I really did anything with knitted fabric (cotton to start, sorry), I reached for Sew Knits with Confidence by Nancy Zieman. Of course, generations of seamstresses grew up watching Sewing with Nancy, but what really brought the book

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That moment when…

That moment when

That moment when you realize you haven’t written a blog post in over two months.  Yikes!  That’s just bad business.  This was not an intentional disconnect.  I’ve been vacillating between blog and vlog or a hybrid thereof.  I’ve been working consistently behind the scenes.  Which would be fine, except that I am also the in front of the scenes person. So, bluntly, I need to do better.  I may not have the  largest following, but the people who do follow me deserve a little more attention and communication from me.  So here is an up to date status report of

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