Machine Wash Silk?

Working with Silk Fabric

What happens when you machine wash silk?  Turns out not much…   Couple of apologies.  First, very early in, while I’m talking, you will hear a loud crash followed by me rolling my eyes and laughing.  That is the sound of my 116 pound Rottweiler Bubbles (yes Bubbles) trying to join the fun. Next, I say during the initial measuring process, that I have four yards and five inches of silk.  But if you look at the tape measure, I actually have four yards and four inches.  Sorry, folks, still new to video and don’t yet know how to edit

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Sweat Stains...

At the event last week where we were vending, the concept of washing silk with soap and water for removing stains seemed to stun many people.  We shared two of the three pieces we’ve washed.  We shared the Grease Stained Glorious Gold Damask and the Marinara Stained Cotton Candy Damask.  It was great because as soon as we showed these two pieces of formerly messed up and begrimed silk, the wonderful people of the SCA started giving me ideas for what else they wanted to see smeared on silk and how I might go about removing those stains. So while the last

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Indigo Dyed

While at Golden Beltane last week, I met many fabulous people and had a generally grand time.  Among the fabulous people was the wonderful and lovely Eirny Thorvaldsdottir of The Treasury.  Eirny was offering to dye fabric or garments indigo in the vat she had on site and available.  Having just cut off a 2 yard piece of white Habotai to make an impromptu veil, I decided, sure!  Let’s see what indigo does to silk.  Indigo does this to silk: Snow Light Silk Habotai BEFORE and Indigo bath… The results were beautiful and I now have a lovely piece of

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Italian Marinara Sauce is no match for Dr. Bronner’s

I’m having great fun staining silk to see what washes out and how and thanks to all the wonderful people at West Kingdom’s Golden Beltane the list of stains to try has grown even longer.  But just before leaving for Golden Beltane, I stained this ordinary piece of Cotton Candy Silk Damask with marinara sauce from pizza.     What actually happened is I had decided to try the pizza sauce so I cut out the scrap I wanted to try it on, went in to the kitchen to get some pizza, and my boyfriend was dipping bread sticks in marinara

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