Highway to Hell by way of the Silk Road

Summer Bloom Silk Satin

Today, I interviewed a Baptist Pastor.  For my day job.  This actually has nothing to do with silk, but the encounter was so startling, I forgot my own phone number, and so it should be recognized. I could literally feel the hell fire and damnation pouring from his fingertips as we shook hands and I thought the flesh would melt from my face for having the audacity to enter The House Of God while living in a state of sin with my boyfriend.  I told same boyfriend I might have to take up a side gig as a prostitute just

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Long ago, the emperor Huang-di ruled China in a state of supreme wisdom and grace.  Huang-di brought such advancements to China as wooden houses, writing, carts, and boats and advanced Chinese warfare through the introduction of the bow and arrow.  Huang-di’s most honored first wife was the beautiful Lady Hsi-ling.  One day, while enjoying her tea in her garden, a cocoon fell from the mulberry tree beside her, landing in Hsi-ling’s tea.  Upon hitting the boiling water, the cocoon dissolved.  Enchanted, Hsi-ling attempted to remove the dissolved cocoon from her tea.  But as she began pulling the filaments out, she

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Finn is Great!

I’m watching The Force Awakens at home, and at the very end, the boyfriend comes down and we start chatting about the new Rogue One trailer.  One of the boyfriend’s Facebook friends was disappointed there were no strong male leads from the new Star Wars movies for his kids.  Rey is great, but she’s female, and very clearly the lead. Now, I love me some Rey, but tons of love has already been heaped on Rey as a great character.  So I’m going to provide my humble perspective on why Finn is a phenomenal character.  And an excellent role model for

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“Water Stains”

Water Stains

CAVEAT:  I actually do need to start this one with a HUGE caveat.  Watered Silk, aka Moire, should never…EVER…be washed.  This is one of the few silks that is genuinely, unquestioningly, dry clean only.  What is it?  Moire silk is silk that has been pressed through industrial grade, steam rollers, which pull the warp threads slightly out of alignment from the weft threads, while simultaneously steaming the silk, creating a rippled effect that looks like, well, WATER.  It is very cool, as seen in this dress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To give an analogy of why you do not

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Grease Stains!

You’re in your Faire Finery, eating a big old hearty greasy breakfast of Bacon and Eggs, getting ready for a full day of entertaining mundane’s, when the WORST happens… While reaching for the salt, you drag your silk sleeve through the bacon grease!  You don’t have time to go change, Faire awaits.  You just know that stain is gonna be good and set by the time the long day is done.  And it’s SILK!  You don’t want to trash the silk, it’s your best shirt, and it was a little pricey.  But now you have a set in stain.  What to

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