Vending 2017

Vending 2017, to vend

Where oh where will you find Damask Raven this year?  Word of mouth is hugely important for any business, but people can’t talk about you if they don’t know you exist.  So to that end, we are vending.  We are vending A LOT this year.  While you can always shop Damask Raven online, if you want to see what we sell in person, here’s where you can find us in 2017.

Hot Raqs, April 22-23, 2017 in Clovis, CA.  What is Hot Raqs?  Only the newest and hottest Bellydance competition!  Hosted by Andalee, winner of Project Bellydance and herself an extraordinary dancer, Andalee wants to spread the love of Raqs through competition and festival.  We will be vending both days and are happy to talk silk and dance while watching amazing dancers compete and perform for love of the dance.

Miss Fisher Con, May 4-7 in Las Vegas, NV.  If you haven’t seen Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix, then you are missing the femme fatale of the 1920’s solving mysteries and murders in Melbourne, Australia.  Hosted by the Adventuresses Club of America, this promises to be a fun time of speakeasies and guest appearances.  Vending is Friday May 5 and Saturday May 6, but we’ll be at the welcome reception meet and greet on Thursday Night.

Cairo Shimmy Quake, June 2-4, 2017 in Glendale, CA.  Southern California has a long tradition of fantastic dance events and CSQ is no exception.  Vending is open Saturday and Sunday and you can browse our wares while enjoying amazing dancing from world class dancers.

West/AnTir War, July 4-9, 2017 in Gold Beach, OR.  West/AnTir War is a long standing event between two kingdoms within the SCA.  Large events are always fun and we enjoy camping and hanging out with our SCA friends and family.  If we haven’t met you yet we surely will and you are more than welcome to hang out at our booth and chat.  Just filled out the application today and am looking forward to this event.

Costume College, July 27-31, 2017 in Woodland Hills, CA.  Not vending, but will be teaching classes on Care and Feeding of Silk, What’s in a Weave, and History of Costume in Egyptian Oriental Dance.  Super excited to be attending this annual event dedicated to the arts of crafting in fabric and other textiles and to be teaching for the second year in a row.

Great Western War, October 4-8, 2017 in Taft, CA.  This will be our second year vending at this event and we are excited to be returning.  While the vending applications are not up yet, we will be sending ours in as soon as it’s available.  Another annual SCA event, this one will probably be a regular rotation for us in years to come.

So there you have it.  Our vending schedule for 2017.  If you think of any events we might be a fit for, please feel free to contact us.  Otherwise, come find us where we’re vending and introduce yourself.  We’d love to meet you!


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