To Make a Pattern

to make a pattern

Ok, this is not as horribly bad as I thought it would be.  I mean, it’s not easy.  Or maybe it would be if I had majored in fashion design.  I’m basically using my 30 years sewing experience in sewing to make a pattern.

And then I have to expand that pattern in to multiple sizes.  Again, something one would not think was difficult.  But judging by several pattern companies I have tried to work with before, where in the patterns did NOT size up well, this is the part that scares me.  Not to the point I’m unwilling to try it.  But I don’t think it’s as simple as adding a line 1″ out from my start point.

But I’ve figured out my size tables.  It helps that my first two designs are loose garments, utilizing a S/M/L format.  So a little pressure to get sizing JUST right has been removed.  Also helps that my area of costuming interest tends toward loose and flowing.  We already have dozens of patterning companies that make excellent Robe a l’Anglaise and Victorian ball gowns.  Even excellent patterns for Elizabethan Gowns and 1920’s jazz babies.

There are even books for these styles.  Lots and lots of books.  What’s missing are books and patterns devoted to eastern fashion.  I want Egyptian style.  I want entaris and caftans and gallabeyas.  I want appropriate dance skirts, and flowing bohemian style.  I want Mongolian Deel and Chinese Robes and Japanese Kimonos.  I love the grace and elegance and simplicity of cut that allows the silk to be truly showcased.

And I can’t be the only one.  It is utter folly to assume that because I want these things, a market must exist.  However, logic says if I can master pattern making with loose fitting garments, then I can eventually move on to fitted garment patterns.  And so that is my aim.  To make patterns that I love and can be proud to wear.  That other’s will love and not send time ripping their hair out in frustration as they try and figure out what I meant by do the thing.  So, once more in to the breach of knowledge.  Wish me luck.


How am I doing? Am I helping? Am I dead wrong? Let me know!

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