Finn is Great!

I’m watching The Force Awakens at home, and at the very end, the boyfriend comes down and we start chatting about the new Rogue One trailer.  One of the boyfriend’s Facebook friends was disappointed there were no strong male leads from the new Star Wars movies for his kids.  Rey is great, but she’s female, and very clearly the lead. Now, I love me some Rey, but tons of love has already been heaped on Rey as a great character.  So I’m going to provide my humble perspective on why Finn is a phenomenal character.  And an excellent role model for

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One of those weeks.  Last week’s blog was – well, a bit scattered.  This is what happens when one blogs after a very long weekend of vending.  Lesson being to pre-write the blog so that it at least makes sense once posted.  And then the blogs I thought I was going to write this week were topics already written about by others.  And so here I am, left with nothing to blog about. Instead, I spent a productive week preparing the sewing area for my next big costuming push: Golden Beltane.  Then I spent Sunday making a cloak for said

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