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busy with New Website

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working on building a new website for Damask Raven.  I like the layout better, the shopping cart function is easier, and I think overall it’s just easier to navigate.  For you the customer, and for me, the behind the scenes administrator.  And I waffled back and forth between keeping the blog here or relocating that too.  I’m still not sure.  Mostly, I’m doing more vlogging, or at least exploring it more.  Ultimately, I think it will be a combination. For now, I will keep this one active, and resume posting here, while

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Silk Organza

Organza, that crispest of crisp fabrics.  Organza is a plain, very light weight, basket weave fabric.  There are no special twists in the yarn, although they are tightly twisted.  What gives Organza the body we all love is the sericin, or silk gum. When the bombyx mori start to spin their cocoons, they don’t just tightly spin the fibroin around themselves.  They also produce sericin, which is the gummy component that allows the fibroin to maintain it’s cocoon shape until the bombyx mori crawls out of it’s cocoon.  Or until the cocoon is harvested for silk filaments.  If you’re a

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