Frixion Pens–Not quite invisible ink

Frixion pens...They Rock!

Almost a year ago, my mom gave me a pack of Frixion pens.  And she was very excited because if you mark fabric with the Frixion pens, then iron over the mark, the mark disappears.  This is SO COOL!  No more tracing paper!  No more wheels leaving pin pricks in your fabric!  No more uneven lines from the combination of wheel and paper!  I loved my Frixion pens instantly. So I used my Frixion pens pretty heavily on all my projects.  In May I taught my Care and Feeding of Silk Class at West Kingdom’s Golden Beltane.  And one of

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Indigo Dyed

While at Golden Beltane last week, I met many fabulous people and had a generally grand time.  Among the fabulous people was the wonderful and lovely Eirny Thorvaldsdottir of The Treasury.  Eirny was offering to dye fabric or garments indigo in the vat she had on site and available.  Having just cut off a 2 yard piece of white Habotai to make an impromptu veil, I decided, sure!  Let’s see what indigo does to silk.  Indigo does this to silk: Snow Light Silk Habotai BEFORE and Indigo bath… The results were beautiful and I now have a lovely piece of

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