Sweat Stains...

At the event last week where we were vending, the concept of washing silk with soap and water for removing stains seemed to stun many people.  We shared two of the three pieces we’ve washed.  We shared the Grease Stained Glorious Gold Damask and the Marinara Stained Cotton Candy Damask.  It was great because as soon as we showed these two pieces of formerly messed up and begrimed silk, the wonderful people of the SCA started giving me ideas for what else they wanted to see smeared on silk and how I might go about removing those stains.

So while the last week has been a mad flurry of unpacking, organization, and yard work (bureaucrats…they…are…EVERYWHERE), so that TODAY I don’t actually have anything to present for cleaning.  What I do have is a long list of suggestions for what the people want to see done to silk.

Torture Tests which have already completed:

Grease, “Water Stains” and Marinara Sauce

Suggested damages:

Coffee. Coffee with milk.  Red wine and white wine.  Tea, cocoa, chocolate, and soda. Beer, ink, blood, mud, baby food, spit up (there is a story behind that one), sunscreen with avobenzen (which causes discoloration on fabric), vinegar, salad oil, dog slobber, bug spray, lipstick, mascara, foundation, grass, condiments, sweat stains, and “natural human protein” stains (we are a sick sick crowd…)

Whew!  That list should keep me going for a while.  But there is always room for more.  So if there’s something you want to see smeared on silk for later removal, please feel free to comment here. Or email, post to our Facebook Page, or make a suggestion to the Facebook group, Care and Feeding of Silk.  There are many ways to get your question on cleaning silk to us and we will gladly follow up as quickly as we can.


How am I doing? Am I helping? Am I dead wrong? Let me know!

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