Remnants De-stashed

We all have em.  You’re walking around the fabric store when a piece of fabric catches your eye and you just…have…to…HAVE IT!  Then six years later you’re cleaning your sewing room and you come across that must have fabric and can’t remember what you bought it for.  But you now have 9 yards of satin taking up valuable shelf space and no project in site.  And now you need that shelf space for the wool suiting you just bought.


Fortunately for you, Damask Raven is happy to help with your remnants de-stashed needs.  Just fill out a Remnants For Sale form, and send your fabric to:

Damask Raven

344 H St

Sparks, NV 89431


Please include a printed copy of the Remnants For Sale form so that we can match your de-stash with the incoming fabric.  Without that, we don’t know if this is for remnants de-stashed or a returned product, which could delay the processing.


Sort of a cross between Cash for Gold and Pawn Stars, after we determine fiber content, we’ll make you an offer for store credit or cash.  If the offer is unacceptable, we’ll send your fabric back to you.  While you will need to pay the initial shipping fee to get the fabric to us, any offer we make will include your shipping fees, or if you decline our offer, we pay the shipping fees to return it to you.


Please be aware that in order to determine fiber content, we do have to take a tiny, teeny, itty, bitty cut from the fabric for a burn test.  This cut will be from the corner so that the over all piece remains in tact; meaning that if you decide you want the fabric back, you will still be able to use it for projects.