Taffeta – White Gold


Shimmery White Gold Taffeta, 60 inches by 6 yards acrylic taffeta.

Product Description

This beautiful shimmery white gold taffeta has gorgeous body and would be an elegant edition to any costumers collection.  Made of an acrylic blend, this lush fabric is waiting for your Steampunk, cosplay creations to come to life.  Lovely for use as a bustle, corset or petticoat, this shimmery white gold taffeta could also make an appearance as Fairy wings, Raqs Sharqi finesse, 1980’s prom dress, 1940’s evening gown, or 1980’s wedding dress… Whatever your vision can create, can come to life with this beautiful fabric..

Damask Raven specializes in fabrics that are historically accurate, but really, EVERYTHING is historically accurate when put in the right context.  Acrylic Taffeta is inaccurate for Victorian, but works beautifully for Steampunk and is spot on for for the roaring ’20s.  And of course, fantasy and cosplay has no boundaries for what is appropriate.  6 yards of shimmery white gold Taffeta works beautifully for fantasy cosplay, if that’s your speed…in which case this elegantly crisp fabric can be used to create anything your vision can design.  Be a villain, be a princess, be a dancer…Let your imagination roam while determining the best use for your 6 yards of shimmery white gold Taffeta.

60 inches by 6 yards acrylic taffeta.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Taffeta - Shimmery White Gold


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