Spandex – White


White Spandex, 48 inches by 2/3 of a yard

Product Description

“Spandex — it’s a privilege, not a right”–from Hackers, 1995

While not everyone agrees with this theory, Spandex is easily the most flexible of fabrics, it’s four way stretch allowing for lots of ease in construction.  Invented in 1958, Spandex entered the fashion industry in 1962 and has been embraced in swimwear ever since.

Damask Raven specializes in recreating historically accurate fabric for the discerning costumer.  But truly, EVERYTHING is historically accurate when in the right context. While most recognized in swimwear, this four way stretch fabric has also made leaps in the Cosplay community, and is easily one of the most reached for fabrics when creating fantasy clothing for the next Con.  Known for its curve hugging properties, this fabric for any fantasy cosplay piece you could want to add to your costuming wardrobe.

Perfect for recreating a hand painted yellow polka dot bikini, Damask Raven has on offer ONE piece of spandex, white, 48 inches by 2/3 of a yard available for re-creationist needs.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Spandex - White


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