Satin – Black Accordion


Black Accordion Satin, 58 inches by 8 yards, polyester satin.

Product Description

8 yards of beautiful, flowing, black satin with a slight accordion pleat provides plenty of fabric to play with during your next costume construction.  Satin is a specific weaving technique with four or more weft threads floating over the weft threads, resulting in a glossy surface with a dull, matte back.  8 yards fall in to accordion pleats, giving it a decadent texture and the satin weaving gives it a luxurious flow.

Polyester satin is not historically accurate for anything prior to the 1920’s, but would work beautifully for Steampunk, Victoriana fantasy, belly dance skirts or Melaya Leff, 1920’s or 1930’s historical dress, Diesel Punk, or cosplay creations.

Damask Raven specializes in fabrics that are historically accurate, but really, EVERYTHING is historically accurate when put in the right context.  Polyester is inaccurate for Victoriana, but spot on for for the roaring ’20s.  And of course, fantasy and cosplay has no boundaries for what is appropriate.  Love Malificent?  Wouldn’t accordion pleats drape beautifully when made in to her dark robes?  Or maybe you have a Kentucky Derby costume event and want to make a 1950’s racing gown.  Let your imagination roam while determining the best use for your 8 yards of black accordion satin.

58 inches by 8 yards, polyester satin.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Satin Black Accordion Pleating


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