Organza – Creamy Vanilla


Creamy Vanilla Organza, 2 yards, 44 inches wide, poly/blend fabric

Product Description

This light weight, creamy vanilla colored organza is perfect for fluffing up your steampunk skirts or creating Edwardian blouses with the right amount of crisp.  Organza is wonderful for flatlining skirts and blouses to give them extra body, creating sheer blouses, or collars and cuffs for Steampunk finery, Diesel punk, or veiling for Arthurian Fantasy.  Organza is a stiff fabric will lots of lift and life and assist with any underskirting or anywhere your costuming needs a little body.

Damask Raven specializes in fabrics that are historically accurate, but really, EVERYTHING is historically accurate when put in the right context.  Polyester is inaccurate for Victorian, but works beautifully for Steampunk and is spot on for for the roaring ’20s.  And of course, fantasy and cosplay has no boundaries for what is appropriate.  Maybe you want to be a Fairy or Pixy at the next Con you attend, and this little wisp of fabric, two yards long, would perfectly create the flirty skirt you want or fairy wings.  Creamy Vanilla Organza can be used to create anything your vision can design.  Be a villain, be a princess, be a dancer…Let your imagination roam while determining the best use for your Creamy Vanilla Organza.

2 yards, 44 inches wide, poly/blend fabric

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Organza Creamy Vanilla


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