Midnight Black


Midnight Black Silk Organza

137 cm wide, approximately 54″

Product Description

Midnight Black Silk Organza:

6MM Silk Organza is perfectly crisp, sheer, and light weight, beautifully suited for flat lining everything from Tudor Court Dress to Robe Anglais to Victorian Ball Gowns.  Ideal for adding barely there crispness to your 18th century and Victorian skirts in that fabulous rococo design.  Anything that needs a little more body can be flat lined with Organza to give it the proper crispness needed for Historical Fashion.  Use Midnight Black silk organza with Blackest Night Silk Satin or Raven’s Wing Habotai to create a crisply firm dress, blouse, or vest.

Versatile Elegance:

The only limit on your use of silk organza is your imagination.  Use it in Cosplay, 18th Century dress, Costume College, Renaissance Fashion, belly dance, Victorian dress, or even Edwardian or Roaring ’20’s outfits–There are no limits on Silk Organza.  Damask Raven specializes in re-creating lavish silks for costuming and fashion apparel, and organza was frequently used to create crispness with otherwise languid fabrics that draped a bit much to create proper form.  100% Silk Organza in Black is brought to you by Damask Raven–creating History in Style.

137cm, approximately 54″ wide, perfect for flat lining the full skirts popular throughout much of fashion history, ideal for use when creating your beautiful custom couture gowns.  From the courts of Madame Pompadour to the couture houses of 19th century France, black Silk Organza is beautifully suited for your Haute Couture needs.

Who we Are:

Damask Raven specializes in re-creating and locating lavish silks for costuming and fashion apparel. From a time when Silk was worth its weight in gold, this very light weight 6 MM silk organza fabric is perfect for gauzy veils or adding a little body to draped layers.

Midnight Black Silk Organza in elegant black is 137 cm wide, approximately 54″.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Black Organza - Silk
  • Midnight Black Silk Organza


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