Desert Violet


Desert Violet Silk Habotai

152 cm approximately 60″

Product Description

Desert Violet Silk Habotai

This softly draping Silk Habotai has a sand wash finish, giving it a softer hand than the other Habotai’s offered at Damask Raven.  Desert Violet Silk Habotai is so named for the soft purple color, like a desert violet in evening dusk.  Perfect for shirts and dresses, lightweight enough for summer and dressy enough for court gowns.  From a time when Silk was literally worth its weight in gold, Desert Violet is 60” wide and is a light weight 16 MM, perfect for a summer tunic, Twelfth Night Revels gown, dancing veils, or Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Silk Habotai is the perfect fabric for your elegant costuming needs.

Truly Versatile!

Habotai is woven utilizing the basic basket weave. So regardless of your era, Habotai easily blends with your persona or cosplay needs.  As such, the only limit on your use of silk habotai is your imagination.  Habotai, also known as China Silk, has been wowing seamstresses and tailor for 5,000 years.  With it’s soft drape and hand, Sand washed Habotai is truly versatile for costuming creations.  Use it in Cosplay, Society for Creative Anachronism, Renaissance Faires, Costume College, or belly dance performances.

 Who we Are:

Damask Raven specializes in re-creating and locating lavish silks for costuming and fashion apparel. Create your medieval fashion wardrobe using period appropriate Silk Habotai, brought to you by Damask Raven–creating History in Style.

From a time when Silk was worth its weight in gold, this light weight 12 MM silk fabric is perfect for a summer tunic or Twelfth Night Revels gown, Ottoman Robes or Raqs Sharqi, Bohemian Elegance or Romantic Flair.

Desert Violet Silk Habotai is 152 cm wide, approximately 60″ wide.


Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 36 x 60 x .01 in


  • Desert Violet Silk Habotai


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