Cotton – Beige


Beige Cotton Remnant, 56 inches wide, 2/3 yard long.

Product Description

Beige Cotton remnant is perfect for facings, linings, collars and cuffs, just waiting for embroidery to liven it up.  Cotton has been used as a fabric dating back to at least the 15th century for European contact and thousands of years for Indian and North African wear, and Native American wear.  While seen as a low cost option and historically off for European costuming, Cotton has been used for garments in Europe from the Renaissance on, and was developed in to a highly finished fashion fabric by the 18th century, easily rivaling silk as a fashion fabric of choice.

Damask Raven specializes in fabrics that are historically accurate and cotton has a long history of being fashionable.  While this beige piece is a plain weave, cotton itself is also available in Sateen, Velvet and as a loose weave muslin.  Perfect for a short sleeved peasant blouse, lining, collared shirt, or an Elizabethan cap, 2/3 of a  yard of beige cotton can add a lovely focal point for re-creationist costuming.  Make a coif or a mob cap, collar and cuffs, and embroider it for spectacular results.  Only your imagination limits the possibilities for this beige cotton.

56 inches wide, 2/3 yard long.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Cotton Beige


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