Chrysanthemum Puff


Chrysanthemum Puff Silk Damask

110 cm, approximately 44/45″

Product Description

Chrysanthemum Puff Silk Damask

Chrysanthemum Puff Silk Damask is a light pink color in a lovely puff design that looks like Chrysanthemum’s…or Cotton Candy! This fabulous fabric was picked for its likeness to 18th century fashion fabrics.  But as all fashion is cyclical and Victorians were known for their thrifty re-purposing of past patterns, make anything from Rococo France to modern apparel to Japanese inspired Kimono’s to Art Nouveau fashion appeal.

Choose your Era…Or Don’t!

Regardless of your era,  this lush fabric will easily translate to Victorian finery or the fanciful courts of Louis XIV.  From Bohemian Chic to Royal Elegance, Chrysanthemum Puff Silk Damask in cotton candy pink sets the tone for your ensemble.  Make anything from a 12th century Bliaut to a 15th century Burgundian gowns; Turkish Robes or Egyptian Raqs Sharqi; even a 20th Century Jazz Baby a la Phryne Fisher or 1960’s Flower child.

The only limit on your use of silk damask is your imagination.  Use it in Cosplay, Society for Creative Anachronism, Renaissance Faires, Costume College, or belly dance performances.  Nothing flows like silk and nothing says elegance like Silk Damask fabric.

Who we Are:

Damask Raven specializes in re-creating and locating lavish silks for costuming and fashion apparel. Swanky Silk Damask is the original luxury item and was imported to Europe by way of crusaders returning from Damascus, Syria, rapidly becoming the must have fashion fabric for nobility throughout Europe.  Create your medieval fashion wardrobe using period appropriate Silk Damask, brought to you by Damask Raven–creating History in Style.

From a time when Silk was worth its weight in gold, this light weight 16 MM silk damask fabric is perfect for a summer tunic or Twelfth Night Revels gown, Ottoman Robes or Raqs Sharqi,  Bohemian Elegance or Romantic Flair.

Chrysanthemum Pull Silk Damask in cotton candy pink is 110 cm wide, approximately 44/45″.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Chrysanthemum Puff Silk Damask


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