Chocolate Opulence


Chocolate Opulence Silk Satin

152 cm wide, approximately 60″

Product Description

Chocolate Opulence Silk Satin

Made of a light-weight 16MM silk satin, the elegantly draping Chocolate Opulence Silk Satin waits only for your imagination to bring this fabulous fabric in to costuming life in your American, French, or English styled robes.  Vive la Revolucion!

The only limit on your use of silk satin is your imagination.  Use it in Cosplay, 18th Century dress, Costume College, or even Victorian dress, as it was not at all uncommon to cut down and re-purpose past fashions for current use…much as we do today!

Historical Elegance

From a time when Silk was literally worth its weight in gold, Chocolate Opulence is 152 cm wide, approximately 60″ wide, and is a light weight 16 MM, perfect for 12th Century Bliaut, Ottoman robes, or Victorian Haute Couture.  Be Advised–silk satin is a naturally very languid fabric, with not a lot of starch.  If using for skirts from the structured Victorian Era, Damask Raven highly recommends flat lining with Silk Organza to obtain the perfect crispness in your silk skirts.  If using for Byzantine or Medieval fashions, let drape naturally, as this buttery soft fabric drapes elegantly of its own volition.

Who We Are

Damask Raven specializes in re-creating and locating lavish silks for costuming and fashion apparel and Elegant Silk Satin is perfect for creating your medieval fashion wardrobe, using period appropriate Silk Satin, brought to you by Damask Raven–creating History in Style.

From a time when Silk was worth its weight in gold, this light weight 16 MM silk satin fabric is perfect for a summer tunic or Twelfth Night Revels gown, Ottoman Robes or Raqs Sharqi, Bohemian Elegance or Romantic Flair.

Chocolate Opulence Silk Satin is 152 cm wide, approximately 60″.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


  • Chocolate Opulence Silk Satin


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