Machine Wash Silk?

Working with Silk Fabric

What happens when you machine wash silk?  Turns out not much…


Couple of apologies.  First, very early in, while I’m talking, you will hear a loud crash followed by me rolling my eyes and laughing.  That is the sound of my 116 pound Rottweiler Bubbles (yes Bubbles) trying to join the fun.

Next, I say during the initial measuring process, that I have four yards and five inches of silk.  But if you look at the tape measure, I actually have four yards and four inches.  Sorry, folks, still new to video and don’t yet know how to edit dialog after filming…yet…

Now to Disclaimers.

I have a front load machine.  The ladies who all recommended machine washing also all said they had front loading machines.  This is not to say if you have a top loader you are consigned to hand washing silk for all eternity, or even just until you get a front loading machine.  My recommendation for top load machines, is to put the silk in a mesh lingerie bag.  This will prevent the silk from wrapping around the agitator bar and possibly pulling the fibers beyond their natural stretch.

So with those caveats in mind, some before and after shots of machine washed silk.

Silk Damask Luxury Fabric
Before machine washing….
Still gorgeous, even after washing
Machine washed silk is ready to sew

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