Lipstick on Silk

Who doesn’t feel utterly glamorous with a silk blouse and the right shade of lipstick?  You know what’s NOT glamorous?  Lipstick on silk.  Which is why I’m going to show you how to remove lipstick, should you get some on your silk fabric.

Lipstick! On Silk!
A very dramatic smear

Now, generally speaking you probably won’t be using your blouse as a blotter.  But, should a smudge occur while disrobing, you won’t need to panic all the way to the dry cleaners.  Just put a little Dawn detergent on it and you’re good to go.

And voila!  Lipstick gone, thanks to my favorite detergent!  I did use scrap fabric of Chrysanthemum Puff for this just in case my go to cleaner didn’t stand up to the test.  Happily, that did not happen and I am now confident that Dawn reigns supreme on the weird stain removal scale.  I will still test it on other stains as warranted, but generally speaking, if the stain is grease based, Dawn will be my first step.


How am I doing? Am I helping? Am I dead wrong? Let me know!

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