Plato on Beer

Beer on silk

He was a wise man who invented beer — Plato on beer.

Beer is a staple around campfires, especially when one is a historical reenactor.  And since beer and silk have been walking the same roads for centuries, it is not impossible to think that someone…somewhere…some when…would have experienced the beer on silk phenomenon.  Fortunately, this stain is pretty simple to take care of.  I’m not at all sure it wouldn’t have just rinsed out with cold water.  But, just to be on the safe side, I spot cleaned with Dr. Bronner’s too.

So seriously, lager is no challenge for Dr. Bronner’s.  It really is that simple.  The challenge with alcohol on silk is that silk naturally absorbs moisture.  And alcohol naturally dries out.  Dr. Bronner’s, however, retains a high level of glycerin which helps protect silk from the damage alcohol can cause.  So watch the video to see how easy a light lager is to wash from silk.

And there you have it.  It really is as easy as spot treating with Dr. Bronner’s to remove beer from silk.  While this was a light lager beer, I don’t imagine a stout would be any more of a challenge.  But someone else may have to test that one and let me know.  Neither the boyfriend or I are particular stout drinkers.  Maybe with Irish Car Bombs


How am I doing? Am I helping? Am I dead wrong? Let me know!

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