Washing Silk

While I do plan to create more videos…eventually… it is a right pain in the butt to set up the camera, ramble…coherently no less….for at least five minutes, edit out the ums and ahs, and get the video posted.  Traditional blogging is much quicker and so I will probably blog more than I vlog.  At least in this first start up bit where I’m still getting my feet under me.  Plus, I’m sort of cheating with this blog by basically copying my care and feeding page for your perusal.  I updated it, after much trial and error, and am fairly

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Welcome to Ravens Chatter

Hello There!  Welcome to Ravens Chatter.  Here is where I will be…eventually…posting video clips about all things Damask Raven.  From what is MM to differences between Damask and Brocade, different silk patterns and weaves, what patterns I use for costume creations, tricks and tips.  All these things will be discussed and shared.  Raven’s Chatter seems appropriate, since I’m pretty sure I sound like a squawking bird when I talk…and have you ever heard Ravens Chatter at each other?  They share information with each other just as I will share what information I have learned with  you.

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